About Me

Rhianna Mair


Fully qualified Person-Centred Therapist/Counsellor


I have been seeing clients in my private practice in the City Centre of Glasgow since July 2016.

I worked as a Volunteer Person-Centred Therapist/Counsellor for Stepping Stones in Clydebank, Glasgow from December 2014 until August 2017; with clients on a variety of issues including anxiety, grief, social isolation, self-harm, addiction and relationship issues.

I also worked as a Trainee Therapist/Counsellor as part of the team at Crisis in Erskine with clients for over a year (Nov 2014 - Feb 2016).


Certificate of Attendance for the 'What's The Harm?' Self Harm Awareness & Skills Training (2017)

Certificate of Attendance for the Management of Actual or Potential Aggression Foundation Programme (2016).

PG Diploma in Person Centred Counselling from the University of Strathclyde (2015)

HNC Counselling from Glasgow Clyde College (2014)

PDA Addictions from Glasgow Clyde College (2014)

MA (Hons) Psychology from Dundee University (2006)

BSc Science from the University of St Andrews (2004)

How this works


What work we can do together

We can sit for an hour each week discussing whatever it is that you want to change.  

I am a good listener.  

I am non-judgemental, honest and positive.  

We will meet at my City Centre Consultation Room in Glasgow. 

We can work together until you decide that you wish to finish.      

It is your decision.


It is your life and we can change it

We can work together to help clarify your thoughts.  

Life can get very confusing and hectic; we can work together to help slow things down so that you can focus on what you want to focus on and get more out of your life.  

Things can and will get better for you.


Get in touch

Call or text - 07725851377

Email - rhiannamair@yahoo.com

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